Below is a list of our services however we understand that sometimes this may not fit in completely with what you need. If you need any other service please feel free to contact us.


We offer a free consultation. This is to discuss the services you may need, special requirements for your pet and prices. It also gives us the opportunity to meet your pet and you the opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions you may have. It is also at this point that we will collect house keys.


GROUP WALKS £13 – one hour Group Walk – £8 per additional dog in household

If you need a dog walker in Isleworth then we offer an hour long walk in a park with friendly dogs. The group will be no more than four dogs per walker. Groups are made up of dogs that we believe will get on and socialise well. As well as socialising, your dog will get to play with toys and burn off some energy. Group walks are usually between the hours of 9.30 am – 3.30 pm. **Restricted availability for dogs who need to be kept on lead**

SOLO WALKS £9 –  up to 20 minutes – £13 – 40 minutes

Walk of any length. The walk can be either on or off lead, dependant on the dog. We will make this just as much fun as a group walk by doing basic training as guided by you, playing games and giving that special one on one love. Solo walks are usually between the hours of 8.30 am – 9.30 am and after 4 pm. If you require a solo walk at other times please enquire.


£9 –  up to 20 minutes – £13 – 40 minutes

This service is for us to pop in and see your pet (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Reptile. Etc.) for either 20, 40 or 60 minutes. We can use this time to do whatever it is your pet may need. Feeding, toileting, a short walk, play, giving medication and to give companionship. This is ideal for older animals, ill animals and puppies. Before 9.30am or after 4pm.


£35 –  per night – More than 1 pet negotiable

This service is for the times when you have to be away from home. We will to come to your house and look after your pet in their own home. We are able to do this for any amount of time whether it be a few hours or a few weeks. This service includes general maintenance of your home including watering plants, picking up post and keeping it clean. We will stay in your home overnight and spend our time caring for your pet. We believe this is important for your pet so they can stick to routines and have the comfort of being at home with someone who cares for them. Two walks will be included per day. We also offer regular updates via email, phone or text throughtout our stay to give you peace of mind. **Your dog will have to have been walked by us before the house sitting starts to build a bond**


£17 – per hour + 50p per mile

We can take your pet wherever it needs to go with our new Pet Taxi service. We always use a seatbelt clip with harness, boot with dog guard or crate for dogs and relevant carry cages for cats and other pets. Whether it be to the vets, animal hospital, groomers or just to a friends house we can take your pet for you.

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